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Xara Web Designer 7 Premium (Old Version) [Download]

Publisher: Magix

Brand: MAGIX

List Price: $59.99

Best Price: $59.99

Sales Rank: 30563

Product specification

Xara Web Designer 7 Premium is your best choice when it comes to creating perfect websites hassle-free. It’s perfect for anyone looking for creative freedom and a comprehensive package with professional functions. More than 30 additional premium advantages, including web design, advanced image editing, 3D design for logos, e-commerce options, animations & effects, total customization, search engine optimization, and web presentations. All these possibilities turn this flexible all-in-one solution into a reference product for the intuitive creation of fully equipped websites. Benefit from many time-saving new features when creating or improving your existing website: switch between full single page view and the current multi-page view; advanced project preview with navigation buttons, full screen mode and display in all current browsers; the clearly laid-out page gallery displays thumbnails and makes it easier to change between individual subpages. Integrate complete websites seamlessly, even if they are on other servers. Ideal for embedding web blogs, extensive photo albums, micro sites, external online shop systems, your previous website, friends’ websites, etc. You can navigate the integrated pages without leaving your own website. You can even move around any graphic elements in the foreground.