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Super Simple Press Release – Training, Composing and Broadcasting Software for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS-X 2012 – 3PC/1User [Download]

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Imagine YOU. An Instant Publicity GURU.

Everyone who is in business wants more ATTENTION.

More attention means more traffic and the opportunity to make more sales.

Businesses everywhere fight to try and grab a little more of your bandwidth.

The web has made it possible for anyone who is willing to communicate, to build a virtual microphone that completely bypasses the media of yesteryear.

Every week your or your business does something newsworthy.
But chances are very few people are aware of it. Why?

Because you haven’t mastered the art of “stealing the microphone” online. The term is called “Newsjacking”. And SuperSimplePR is your key to applying Newsjacking every day. To owning that microphone.

What you don’t know about PR is costing your business a small fortune.

With our Super Simple PR business builder package you will create boatloads of publicity and traffic whenever you need them.

Today, PR is all about the virtual microphone, who controls it and how to harness that power like a rock star. Today PR is all about how to rise above the noise and connect with your audience directly and build value.

There is a conversation going on about your market, your town, your neighbor and your company right this very moment. Online PR gives you license to insert yourself right smack in the middle of that conversation. You can direct it wherever you want. And you do not need anyone’s permission.

Our Online Press Release Program provides:
– Explicit training from bona fide experts in PR
– Software to help you craft perfect headlines. Develop ideas. Come up with incredibly compelling stories. Reverse negative competitive messages. And drive your story home.
– Access to our exclusive Online PR platform and get your message into as many as 135 international PR channels – for radical results in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook.