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SEO For Blogs (ABCs Plus Basics for Websites and Blogs)

Author: Vinny O'Hare

Publisher: NightFire Publications

List Price: $2.99

Best Price: NA

Sales Rank: 899818

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SEO Basics for Blogs – *This is a transcript from a podcast roundtable discussion* There is an extensive list of resources and links at the end of the book. Also, we aren’t trying to sell you anything, isn’t that refreshing?

Blogging ABCs hosts Deborah Carney, Tricia Meyer, Vinny O’Hare, are joined by guest Eric Nagel in a roundtable discussion about the basics of SEO tactics for bloggers. Eric supplied us with an excellent outline, there is excellent discussion on each of the bullet points, plus a ton of great stuff that came out within the discussion.

This is a transcript of a podcast, we know a lot of people prefer to read and not necessarily listen. Included are 17 pages of SEO basics that even some experienced webmasters may have forgotten. At the end of the book is a resources page with lots of great references for you to implement the tips with.

Keyword research – Take your idea, and think about how people are going to search for it

Title Tag – This should be your keyword. Don’t be cute here, the title tag in WordPress is inside an H1 tag, which helps with on-site SEO

Meta Description – sometimes used for the snippet shown in organic search results

Permalinks – Don’t use default of ?p=87 – Choose one of the options that has %postname%

Images – Don’t hotlink images – Use the Title, Alternate Text & Caption fields – Name the image with your keyword
ex: your-keyword-here.jpg

Social Sharing – Twitter and Facebook buttons

Your social circle influences Google search results

Sitemaps – several resources listed in the Appendix of the book

We even have a place where you can go and ask questions when you are finished reading the book.