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SEO for Bloggers: Learn How to Rank your Blog Posts at the Top of Google’s Search Results (The SEO Series) (Volume 4)

Author: R. L. Adams

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

List Price: $38.95

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Sales Rank: 2856178

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An SEO Book for Bloggers
Learn How to Rank your Blog Posts at the Top of Google’s Search Results

There are over 150 million blogs out there in the world today, and in order to compete at any level, you must understand the inner workings of search engine optimization. Ranking your blog posts on Google is difficult, and it has become increasingly more so in the wake of Google’s many new algorithm changes.

With the introduction of updates like the Google Panda, Google Penguin, User Experience Algorithm, and Exact Match Domains, the entire ranking landscape has changed. What used to work just a couple of years ago for ranking in SEO, no longer works today; the rules are different.

Don’t get caught left behind in the blogosphere. Whether you’re new to blogging or you’ve had some experience with it, you have to understand just what it takes to craft your blog posts for the most optimized positioning on Google. Learn important skills such as:

  • How to effectively research keywords for your blog
  • How to effectively craft your content from an SEO keyword-driven perspective
  • Understand the three different components of building trust with Google
  • Off-page optimization strategies to help give your new blog presence on the Web
  • The 5 principles of social media marketing for SEO
  • Content syndication strategies
  • … and much more

The Fourth SEO Book in The SEO Series of Books:

This SEO book is the fourth volume in The SEO Series of books. Here are the SEO books in this series:

  • SEO Black Book – A Guide to the Industry’s Secrets
  • SEO Simplified – Learn Search Engine Optimization Strategies and Principles for Beginners
  • SEO White Book – The Organic Guide to Google Search Engine Optimization
  • SEO for Bloggers – Learn How to Rank your Blog Posts at the Top of Google’s Search Results

Why SEO for Bloggers?

This book contains vital information for ranking your blog posts on Google today. It includes the most updated and advanced information available on search engine optimization. Don’t waste your precious time blogging without understanding how to rank those blog posts on Google because there’s no better traffic than free organic traffic.

After you buy this book, you will come to understand and appreciate what it takes to successfully rank your blog posts with SEO on Google today.

This book is the culmination of over a decade of experience that I have being professionally involved in the SEO field in one way or another. I understand what works and what doesn’t and in this fourth SEO book in the series I set out to help unravel some of the mysteries of the trade for you.

Scroll up and BUY IT NOW. You don’t want to miss out on the incredibly valuable information in this SEO book.