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MassUpdater 1.5 Web Builder and Content Management System: Easy Website Creation

Publisher: Crimson Studios

Brand: MassUpdater

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Sales Rank: 56057

Product specification

Finally: a simpler way for people to create and maintain websites.


The average web development software is unnecessarily difficult to take the time to learn. In fact, small business owners often end up hiring web developers to maintain their sites after purchasing other brands of web development software, because the site owner never does have the time to figure things out. While there are books on how to learn the average web development software, and Web Developers charge inflated monthly bills to update sites on other types of CMS, buying MassUpdater means never having to pay for maintenance again.


We created our software as an answer for website owners who don’t want to have to learn anything. It’s unique in that it targets the end user, not a tech used to CMS software. We’re very proud to say that most customers are able to sit down and use their software immediately, without checking instructions, without contacting customer service. It is the simplest CMS on the market.


While most CMS creators try to simplify by taking out features, we heap them in. Embedding YouTube vids via the average cms software is a pain for people not trained in any form of HTML or web scripting. In MassUpdater, you can embed YouTube vids in any size. You can also embed Flash Content, photogalleries, MouseOver effects, swap photos, save drafts and add unlimited pages, all from the same, simple, graphically pleasing interface screen. MassUpdater even has its own Mouse-Over galleries created by the end user for easy repeat use.


Instead of coming out with endless, never-updated instruction manuals, we shoot video tutorials with light-hearted simplicity to make learning how to build an entire site in MassUpdater, or create a restaurant menu, or embed Flash animation, instant and easy.