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SEO keyword research isn’t just important to overall search engine optimization efforts – it is the difference between success and MASSIVE failure! SEO seems to be one of those ‘deep dark’ secret that only a few are privy to but WordPress Professor opens this secretive industry for entrepreneurs and small business in the easiest to understand format.
Success to every Internet marketing effort whether onsite or off, requires first researching and then deploying optimized keywords which will get your offer in front of eager buyers. Many webmasters now depend on ineffective tools such as SEO Plugins to get marketing campaigns buyer and sales lead views not realizing these plugins require a basic knowledge of SEO which begins with KEYWORDS.

We teach, through use of 14 easy to understand, step-by-step video tutorials in only 2 short hours, how to select, deploy and most importantly – get results which will be measured through achievement of website traffic goals.

Just a few areas addressed in this educational, power-packed tutorials series are (but not limited to):

– Defining keyword markets
– Expert sourcing through use of online tools
– Short tail keywords
– Long tail keywords
– Using ‘like’ terms
– Twins (Identical)
– Twins (Fraternal)
– Using synonyms
and much more! Order today and begin your rise to both search engine as well as social media SEO domination!
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