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Digital Marketing Masters Podcast Shirt

Publisher: Hook SEO Digital Marketing

Brand: Hook SEO Digital Marketing

List Price: $19.60

Best Price: $19.60

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Product specification

The OFFICIAL Digital Marketing Masters Podcast T-Shirt. Not available in stores. May be an actual magic item. Printed by Leprechauns and clones of David Ogilvy in the Land of Oz. It costs $19.60 because 1960 was Seth Godin’s birth year. You spend more than that on lattes in an hour. This t-shirt makes you better at marketing and writing ad copy. If you don’t believe me, buy one and see for yourself. If you don’t get one, do you think your sales will get better, or stay the same? Even if you get one for the cool logo alone, it’s worth every penny and more. Limited time offer. Isn’t it time that you treated yourself to a new shirt? Act now and get the shirt you’ve been waiting your whole life for. Not even Santa can bring you one of these.