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Article Marketing Made Simple (Search Engine Optimization Strategies For People On The Go)

Author: Michael Fleischner

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Article Marketing Made Simple is the first volume of a new series designed for today’s busy Internet marketer or anyone seeking to improve the rankings of a website or blog. Created by the author of one of today’s top-selling SEO guide – SEO Made Simple, Article Marketing Made Simple reveals proven article marketing techniques that can dramatically improve organic rankings.

With ongoing changes to search engine algorithms, the expansion of social media platforms, and questions about original content, the concept of traditional article marketing has changed. The demand for original content has become the focus and is one of the fastest ways to achieve top rankings for your website or blog. In this book, Article Marketing Made Simple, the author separates fact from fiction and provides real-world strategies for using original content articles to improve search engine rankings.

Did you know that the most effective use of online content requires:

-Production of original content that uses the proper keyword density?
-Publishing content to your web properties prior to distribution?
-That 30% or more of your content is considered unique by search engine spiders?

There are a variety of techniques being deployed by today’s top Internet marketers in order to work with Google’s algorithm and make the most of any asset published online. This is especially true when it comes to article writing and original content.

In this publication, author Michael Fleischner reveals his most powerful search engine optimization techniques leveraging article marketing. For example, he explains how to properly embed links within content using white hat search engine optimization strategies, that search engines like Google admire. The result is quality content that drives engagement and authority. Michael also reveals the most authoritative content sites for posting your content, building powerful inbound links to your website instantly. These sites are essential for top rankings and revealed in this tell-all guide.

Article marketing is one of the most powerful SEO strategies available today. When implemented correctly, article marketing is even more effective today than ever before. Read this guide to see how author and SEO expert Michael Fleischner has used article marketing to achieve top rankings for his website, The Marketing Blog, and dozens of other online properties.

The step-by-step instructions and explanation of effective search engine optimization techniques are easy to follow, provide valuable SEO insights, and can be implemented without any prior knowledge of search engine optimization.

Get started with article marketing today and discover how you can achieve #1 Google rankings.